Set up your equipment like a Champion

Dial in your set ups to help improve your overall paddling experience.

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65 Kayak Paddlr Sessions

This handbook is your new go-to tool when planning your session content

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Transform your paddling

Learn from Olympic Kayakers Alyce & Jordan Wood

Download the 12 week virtual playbook

65 Kayak Paddlr Sessions Handbook

This handbook features some of our favourite training sets. From aerobic paddles, to sprinting, race practice and more, each of these sessions are designed to target a specific element of your paddling.

To help with this specification, we've split the 65 sessions into 9 different training categories/zones so you can match a set with the period of training you are in.

Whether you're an athlete or a coach, this handbook is your perfect go-to tool when planning your training week.

Download the 12 Week paddlr Playbook

We guarantee this program will help every aspect of your paddling, from your technique to your strength and your fitness. 

Throughout the 12 weeks you will undertake a periodised training plan, where you will be cycling through 3 x 4 week blocks, each of which will have different overall goals. 

We will also share advice on ideal warm ups, recovery, nutrition and more. Plus you will gain exclusive access to our partner discounts as well as our private Facebook community. 

The Set Up

With two decades of high performance experience between us, we want to share our knowledge with you. Throughout this handbook we'll look at the reasons why you might choose different set up configurations which we hope will help you to better hone in your set ups and therefore improve your overall paddling experience. We will also highlight which options we use. 

Expert Mentors

Learn the tricks of the trade from World Champions and Olympians, Alyce & Jordan Wood. 

All ability levels

Whether you're just learning to paddle, or a seasoned pro, we'll be able to help transform your paddling. 

Your choice of craft

Paddling is a multi disciplinary sport, which is what makes it so unique! We cater to 'double bladed' paddlers in Kayaks, Surf Skis, Ocean Skis and more. 


You're all invited to access to our private Facebook community where we connect, support, encourage and learn from one another. Join Now.


I'm knee deep in the tips from your playbook right now... great course and pointers!

I'm a few weeks into the playbook and I can already feel the difference with my paddling. I've learnt that I have to tone things back and focus on technique before I can lift my rating back up and get faster.

I'm so excited to be connecting with paddlers of Alyce and Jordan's calibre. They're so knowledgable and so approachable which is a recipe for success.

Thank you so much for the response and taking the time out to give such valued and specific information. I'm loving the emails, Facebook page, Insta and of course the 65 sessions I purchased. Its making paddling much more interesting and varied!!